All three models of the “Social State” have failed.

All three models of the “Social State” have failed. The liberal – the conservative/traditional – social democratic.

3 Administration models that are opposite, inverse, but the same and identical.

After the Second World War, the three most prevalent models of administration adopted by the Governments of most of the Member States of the Bretton Woods Agreement (see Government Gazette 315/ 1945, https://youtu.be/1L0j19C6sT4) and after the agreement was signed at that time in New Hampshire U.S.A., late 1944 – early 1945 by the first 44 Allied Powers, today 198 countries, almost all the countries in the world, participate and have adopted the then newly introduced to the political vocabulary term “Social State”.

This Agreement was made to end inequality, to eliminate hunger and unemployment, to avoid future wars, to create the conditions for the development of a public character of responsibility, health, education, housing, security, participation in politics and the economy, etc., for a continuous improvement of the daily well-being of all citizens.

The Agreement signed then and its very structure between the Member States was and still is in its original form such as to avoid any future economic or other crises.

That was the goal of all the allied powers and that is how the statute of the Bretton Woods Monetary and Financial Conference was agreed and structured (that the statute is not adhered to is a fact that will at some point bring those responsible to accountability with criminal liability) to undertake and maintain the exchange rate at a fixed rate plus/ minus 1% in relation to the gold standard for the smooth functioning of international trade where a common currency was agreed on, specifically the Dollar which everyone together would finance. So the Member States deposited their wealth and their currency into the management of institutions that would be created with the Member States as shareholders and founders. From then until today, abundant wealth has been accumulated daily for all the Bretton Woods member countries.

Hellas (Greece) was among the participating countries and it could not be absent, as it has not been absent from any Treaty or Convention signed (29 to date, with the most recent one being the Agreement referred to in this article) or may be signed in the future, as Hellas is the main source of financing of every organisation and every institution on the planet, as all institutions – Central Banks of the planet have been established with the wealth of the Hellenes, with Hellenic gold because all Banking institutions are branches of the global mother Bank d’ Orient (The Bank of Anatolia).

Some thought we would never know this

In 1945, during the German occupation, Hellas contributed $40 million to establish the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and $25 million to establish the World Bank (BIS).

Since 1944 – 1945, the money that all countries, including Hellas have contributed have an interest rate of 4% and the interest plus the derivatives from investments is deposited into a piggy bank so to speak, for each country.


Regarding Hellas, this secret was revealed by the President of the Political Body “Ellinon Syneleusis” (The Assembly of the Hellenes) representing the Hellenic Nation, Mr. Artemis Sorras, the only one on the planet who brought the enormous wealth that belongs to the citizens of the member countries to light, with the right to use it when required for development projects, for public works and for humanitarian aid after natural disasters or even for the financial support of those affected by economic crises. In essence, the member State borrows funds from its own accounts found in the BIS (World Bank) interest free for 50 or 100 years or for as long as is needed for it to be paid back so that all future generations can use it in perpetuity, with the necessary guarantees. The institutions of each country request the loan with justification, and who are these institutions? The Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Archbishop or the Head of a Dogma and the Mayors.

Essentially, this lending space is called the primary market. It is a term that we do not often hear or not at all, as the secondary and tertiary markets of the Bankers are running the show and they keep the member states tied to perpetual borrowing and debt that a country can never repay with interest rates charged so that the banks are able to make the fiscal and economic policies of the countries. That is, they determine the people’s salaries, pensions, health, education, security, insurance, defense and in general they determine whether the people can survive in their own countries.

It should be noted that every year the Officials of the Member States, in full knowledge of the whole Parliament, sign the annual Balance Sheet of the World Bank (BIS).

All the administrations know this, DO YOU?

In 2007, Hellas’s accounts amounted to $115.5 trillion,  whose balance sheet at that time was signed by the now deceased President of the Republic, Karolos Papoulias, the now deceased UN Ambassador of Finance, Adamantios Vasilakis and the then Minister of Finance, Georgios Alogoskoufis.

2007 - $115.5 trillion x 4% per annum = ???  you do the math

The National trust Accounts of Hellas held at the World Bank today have exceeded the quadrillion Euro mark.

The piggy banks of all the countries in the world are overfilled

For decades now we have been hearing the notorious phrase “Social State”. From the far right to the centre and the far left they are all looking after our welfare, without ever revealing the enormous potential of our country and the enormous wealth of the Hellenes and all the countries of the world.

Every time National elections are held, these three models of administration – the red, the blue and the green present themselves on fancy tv panels hosted by highly paid people, bickering about which one is worse and unable to get the country out of its difficult situation  while all together and in full cooperation they are the ones who have built the shackles of eternal slavery with a shameful, non-existent, fictitious debt owed to their robbing banker master. Bold statements by the representatives of the parties about the Social State, the rule of Law and above all, about debt management. How is it possible for all parties that have been seized, enslaved, acting as puppets of the lenders by whom they have been appointed, to talk about the Social State? Their goal is one and only one, the preservation of the false debt so that they can have a position to rule the Parliament of the Hellenes and in general, all the citizens of the planet.

The Social Policy and the Welfare State are led by all these  abominations and carcinomas of our country during their pre-election announcements and post-election on the panels of the friendly and completely helpful systemic mass media, but also throughout the years by brainwashing the people and without ever offering an escape from the oppressors…

We are living in times where people are in despair, unable to realise what has happened over the years and the Hellenic people have reached a point where they cannot even plan for tomorrow, (which essentially is not guaranteed by any measure as the changes in the legal framework of the State  mechanism follow one another at a  frantic pace) let alone plan in the long term. The Welfare State that we keep hearing about does not exist for Hellenic owners of the land, but for the illegal immigrants and land occupiers who live on benefits from the sweat and toil of the Hellenic citizens. With their destructive policies, excessive taxes, unemployment, the deliberately structured hostile business environment, the Hellenes are being forced to think twice before bearing offspring under these conditions, which is why abortions  are  at alarming rates. It is no coincidence that this tactic is being imposed on the Hellenes; in this way they are carrying out the genocide of the Hellenes that is now reaching the alarming limits of a future extinction of our genus and the appropriation of not only our national assets but also of our cultural heritage unless this is reversed now, yesterday!


The great overthrow of this rotten and tainted establishment is in the hands and abilities of the Hellenic Nation itself.

Only the Nation can halt,  inspect, judge and condemn every dogma and every party of every colour that has brought harm to Hellas and the Hellenic citizens, bringing order back to the chaos that they brought,  reviving true Democracy and the establishment of the Ellene Politeia (Hellenic State).

The Political Body “Ellinon Syneleusis – E.SY.” (The Assembly of the Hellenes) that represents the Nation after 200 years is now a fact – Registration No. 6199/ 04-09-2015 https://www.e-sy.gr/programmatic-statements/

The Regeneration of the Nation (Ethnos) is a fact.

All Hellenes are called upon to declare their presence in the Great Union of the Hellenic Nation so  what was left incomplete after the revolution of 1821 and with the assassination of the only Hellenic Governor, Ioannis Kapodistrias by the oppressors who are still acting and exploiting our sacred lands, our wealth and our very lives, depriving our descendants of their future, the Liberation of our Nation may finally and irrevocably happen.

To at last be able to make use of the 2.3 trillion that the president of the Political Body “Ellinon Syneleusis – E.SY.” Mr. Artemis Sorras has released from the Hellenic Trust Accounts found in the World Bank (BIS) with his own guarantees  https://www.artemis-sorras.gr/node/238  by submitting completed Studies for 49,000 projects in all municipalities of Hellas, Cyprus and for Hellenism  abroad, so that the  entire country becomes a construction site for the next 50 years making Hellas the diamond of the planet, because only Hellas deserves to be the cradle of the  only global civilization. To establish the “Hellenic State” with Values, Principles and State Laws. To establish the 33 Ellanian Axial Protocols of our own Creation and existence  through a National Assembly (Ethnosyneleusis).

“Ellinon Syneleusis” is the only solution for the liberation of the Hellenic Nation. 

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